Q: Can my child sign up for the workshops?

A: Generally, we're only teaching age 18+. For minors 16+, we'll be in touch to follow up with the parent or guardian to discuss permission, a consent form, and other information to make sure it's a good experience. We'll also be offering summer camp workshops in 2015. Please email us for more information at margaret@margaretcaragan.com  


Q: I've purchased the class and the kit. What happens next? 

A: We'll review your registration info and get in touch by phone to do a brief orientation. You'll receive class information and we'll get you up to speed so you can show up ready to create! 

Q: What materials do I need to bring? 

A: We'll send you the BYO list, for which you'll "Bring Your Own" common items for doing makeup at the workshop. For example brushes, a palette, spatulas, wet wipes, toner, tissues, cotton swabs, sponges, etc. Some of the items will be marked as optional. No worries, during the phone orientation we'll help you plan simple solutions and resources. 

Q: Do I need the kit? 

A: Yes, you need it in order to have materials to work with. Special makeup effects traditionally takes a lot of supplies compared to other arts. After your purchase, we'll place orders and pick up items to create your kit. It will be ready and waiting for you at Pandora FX on the day of your workshop. In the exception that you have fx supplies, we'll review the detailed kit list with you during the phone orientation and apply kit deductions for anything you have in stock. 


Q: How much experience do I need to have? 

A: We have classes suited from the beginner to the pro. Anyone may register for workshops, unless required pre-requisites are listed. This will help you get the most value and the best result out of the course. To be approved for our pro workshops, please send an email with the title of the pro class you're interested in, photos, and any notes or information about the work to margaret@margaretcaragan.com. We'll review the work and contact you with an approval to sign up for the class, or feedback on your work and suggestions for developing further to help you transition into the class more smoothly. 

Q: Where are the workshops held? 

A: Unless otherwise stated, the workshops will be held at the Pandora FX shop: 780 106th Avenue, Oakland, CA 94603 

Q: Will there be a lunch break? 

A: Yes, there will be a lunch break as well as two shorter breaks if it is a longer workshop. It is recommended that you bring a lunch for anything over 4 hours. We wouldn't want you to turn into a zombie!

Q: Who are the instructors and what is their experience? 

A; Each workshop will be instructed by one of the senior Pandora FX artists and they may have 1-2 assistants. Everyone teaching courses works in the local film industry for a living and has selected courses to teach based on their specialty, experience and passion. For more information on our team, please visit pandora-fx.com/about/team 

Q: Do I need to bring a model? 

A: For most classes, you will take turns working on each other. If you do need a model, we'll inform you during the phone orientation. 


Q: What should I wear? 

A: Wear comfortable clothes that you don't mind getting messy in and closed-toed shoes. You may want to bring an apron. During the phone orientation, we'll discuss optional things you can bring, like props or wardrobe. 


Q: How long does it take to process my order? A: It can take 1-2 days to process your order in most cases. Please add any special notes or requests while placing your order and we will contact you to follow up. 

Q: Can I get a refund on gift certificates if I change my mind? 

A: Gift Certificates are non-refundable, but they are good for one year. See our Terms & Conditions for more information. 

Q: Can I get a refund on workshops? 

A: Yes! Workshops are refundable up to 1 week before the class is conducted, minus the cost of shipping for returning a kit. If you miss the refund deadline, you may choose to re-enroll in an upcoming class or keep a credit for up to 12 months from the date of your purchase. Your credit will be good towards any Pandora FX workshops and products for sale. To use your credit, simply email margaret@margaretcaragan.com and we'll make arrangements.