Pandora FX has created workshops to build the local special makeup effects scene into a skilled community, one that brings the stories of Bay Area filmmakers to another level. So join us and check out what we have planned.

I always meet people who say they wish they could learn how to do special makeup effects. From beauty and industry pros who want to learn refined fx for HD and commercial work, to students who want to realize a dream and fans of Face Off who just think everything about special makeup effects is cool, we crafted the workshops available here. The slate of workshops is designed to work two ways: solo for those who want to add new skills by taking specific workshops, or combined to create a foundation where step-by-step you can build your skills from beauty with fashion and airbrush, to character and lab work.

Every couple months we'll be rotating the classes and pulling in new ones along the way. Make 2015 your year to shine and grow.



HURRY! We're offering special promotions for Spring workshops:

-Select 2 workshops and use code "WORKIT10" to receive 10% off. Expires 5/31/2015 at 11:59 pm

-Sign up for all 10 Workshops this Summer and use the code PFXSUMMER20 to receive 20% off. Expires 5/31/2015 at 11:59 pm

Pandora FX is a company of special makeup effects artists run by Margaret Caragan.  We’re located in Oakland, California and serve productions throughout the Greater San Francisco Bay Area, providing services for a broad spectrum of special makeup effects, practical effects, and makeup artistry.  Find out more about us at