Learn about lifecasting, techniques, materials and the proper way to work with your model safely to capture a great impression. Good for artists, special makeup effects artists, adventurous cosplayers and anyone who wants to capture someone's likeness. Includes a full demonstration and lecture.

Entry Level to Intermediate

6 Hours
Instructor: Margaret Caragan & Tony Aldrich
Location: Pandora FX@780 106th Avenue, Oakland, CA 94603

PROCEDURE: Step-by-step process, video supplements, preparation
MATERIALS: Discussion of alginate versus silicone impression material
LIFECASTING: Review of different techniques for lifecasting limbs, full head, and torso.
SAFETY: Allergies, breathing/airway maintenance, assistants, communication, preventative steps, emergency removal

Full instructor demonstration from prep and baldcap application, to alginate, removal, to repair and casting in plaster. Lifecast will be the full front half of the head.

Workshops are available regularly by appointment. A minimum of 2 weeks will be required to accommodate time to process your payment (3-5 days processing) and assemble and ship your custom kit to Pandora FX. After your purchase, we will email class information and documents to you. We will contact you by phone to get your availability and schedule your workshop date, as well as answer any questions you have to get you prepared.